Telyn Z.

Multi-instrumentalist mostly-instrumentalist independent musician and producer from the UK. Currently working on droney jazz and unstructured synthesizer music.


Hi, everyone.

It’s about time I started using this blog, so I thought I’d give you all a quick intro to who I am, what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and where I’m going next.

Who I am

My name is Telyn! Telyn Z. I live in Leeds, work at an ISP called Bytemark, and mostly eat vegetarian food. Sometimes smoked salmon is too delicious to ignore.

I am a queer trans woman, scared of people, and have more toy animals than is really reasonable for someone in their mid-20s. They have reduced the frequency of panic attacks considerably, so I have decided not to care what that says about me, or what anyone thinks.

I love music. It is practically my life essence at this point. I have pretty eclectic taste and though I jokingly say I listen to everything except country music, I still sometimes find myself listening to “You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd”.

What I’ve Done

In the last 4 years I have produced and release 8 albums, 8 EPs and a single on Bandcamp. My production quality fairly steadily increases each release, though there are some blips, like most of ReverseRaves. Of the albums I recommend people listen to Final Transmission and The Castle first, and of the EPs, (and once they’re out, ghostwhite and voidblack). For me, EPs are always completely standalone - I will never put a track on an EP, and then later on an album, or vice-versa. I am considering doing a “Favourites from the EPs” album, though, just to make sure that people like me who tend to only listen to albums get the best bits from my EPs shoved in their face.

I’ve also done a very small amount of amateur modelling (this is where most of the nice photos of me come from), the occasional photoshop battle and even written an open-source VST (which sadly never worked on OS X).

What I’m Doing

Right now I have the mastering for voidblack on my plate, and I just joined HitRECORD and am uploading all my longer-form project ideas that require more planning and work than I’ve previously had time for - mostly to jog myself into restarting those projects. I’m also looking forward to engaging with the HitRECORD community and contributing to others’ projects where I feel inspired.

Aside from voidblack I also have a few other things on my plate to try to get out this year:

  • A mostly-finished collaborative EP with Hiniko
  • An EP/album of music in which I didn’t really write music in any traditional sense, choosing instead to use various techniques to avoid the piano-roll.
  • Some kind of chill electronic album
  • Unwanted 2015-2016, the latest in my series of albums of music that isn’t going to make it onto any other release, due to being too half-finished, too bad, or overambitious.

Also, one of my longtime collaborators, Gareth is making a music video for a 22-minute drone track I haven’t released yet. No idea when it’ll be done, but it exists.

What’s Next

I don’t tend to come up with the idea for the next album or EP until after I’ve made a couple of tracks that fit together, then try to make more that fit with them. So at the moment I haven’t got any specifics. That said, I did just acquire a harp so I guess something harp-focussed is on the cards.

Honestly though, I need to take a break from producing music and work completely on getting some kind of live performance skills together. I really want music to be my career, as well as my favourte hobby, and the thing that keeps me sane (besides my toy giraffes, I mean). In order to do so though, I have to perform. No two ways about it - I have to get out there and show the world what I can do.

More collaborations with Hiniko and Gareth are also coming - the three of us are working on a rather delightful musical project that should be very enjoyable for all, including its audience.

Hopefully HitRECORD will go somewhere for me (even if “somewhere” is just “artistic fulfillment” or “learning”)

This has been a long rambly blog post.

I’m Telyn Z. I hope you have a great life!