Telyn Z.

Multi-instrumentalist mostly-instrumentalist independent musician and producer from the UK. Currently working on droney jazz and unstructured synthesizer music.

ghostwhite & voidblack release, new album on the way!

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I released ghostwhite and voidblack - two EPs which fit together in my head, but not really in sound or concept. They contain some of my best work to date, including rainbowwarriors - a track on ghostwhite for which I recorded some of my friends and myself talking about LGBT issues, and wanderingspirt - a track where I tried desperately to sound like one of my all time favourite bands, The Knife, and I think, totally succeeded!

In addition to this I have some news, I’ve had a scan over my music production folder and I’ve found that I have easily enough material to make an album (I’ll detail my approaches to making albums in another post, with pictures!) - so I can now say the following:

You’re Going to Turn Out Just Fine, my next album, will come out between November and February (depending on how much I manage to work on it), will be between 45 and 60 minutes long, and will feature cheery, chill, and spooky synths, EDM-ish production, distorted guitars, guitars that don’t sound like guitars, and various orchestral instruments (well, sampled orchestral instruments.. I don’t have enough friends, time or energy to get real ones recorded)

Also, in an absolute first, I’m going to be SINGING on one of the tracks!

OK that’s it for now, peace laters all :-)