Telyn Z.

Multi-instrumentalist mostly-instrumentalist independent musician and producer from the UK. Currently working on droney jazz and unstructured synthesizer music.

Top 10 Telyn Z. Tracks

Hey Telyn Z. fans and future-fans, I’ve heard from a few folks now that they have no idea where to start with my musical output. So I’m gonna lay down my top 10 favourites of my musical output over the last 6 years as suggested jumping-off points.

You’ll be able to note from this that You’re Gonna Turn Out Just Fine (which I talked about in my previous blog post) has been released and is a bit shorter than originally planned - it felt too long and variable so I cut it in two. The remaining unreleased (and frankly better) part of the original project is getting extended and will be an electronic album entitled deepspace, which will arrive in the first half of 2017.

Also, while I’m doing release announcements, sometime around Christmas I will release the next Unwanted & Unreleased album - the 2015-2016 edition. This will contain somewhere between 26 and 50 tracks and weigh in at around 90 minutes in length. It’s been a busy couple of years, I guess.

Onto the top ten tracks for new listeners!

  1. rainbowwarriors (ft. various of my friends) (from ghostwhite)
    I produced this track in a bit of a daze following a breakup (a lot of ghostwhite / voidblack is directly influenced by that). Initially I was thinking of it as my power-anthem, in which I was putting myself back in the driver’s seat of my life. Eventually I realised it was too good to waste on an ego trip (and I had no ideas for lyrics), and so, after a lot of work herding cats and carting microphones around cities it became the queer awareness / protest track it is today.
  2. 7.9BnCE (Watching the World End) (from Final Transmission)
    I don’t remember too much about the production of this one, except for it probably being the point where I realised I had a really strong sound for a sci-fi themed album. The distortion and glitching towards the end somewhat frightened the folks at the University of York Music Production Society, which was just starting out at the time. But they kept coming back anyway! I’ve been asked a few times - the title stands for 7.9 Billion, Common Era. That’s the rough date the sun expands to its maximum size and engulfs the Earth.
  3. A Health to the Company (ft. Judita Jasiūnaitė) (from Journeys)
    This song, released at the tail end of 2012, is the song that convinced my parents that there was definitely actual value in my music. It was one of my first attempts to really work with sung vocals, using a condenser microphone borrowed from my long-time co-conspirator, Gareth Pedrick (you may recognize him as the photographer and cover artist for Journeys, Fæ, ghostwhite / voidblack, and the back cover of SPIRITS)
  4. ⟁BYSS (from SPIRITS)
    Spirits is always going to be a little special to me, just because it is so completely unrestrained and ridiculous from start to finish. This track though, I think is the highlight in terms of pacing and concept - to me it sounds like a creepy night spent in a dark, smokey basement dancing with strangers.
  5. wanderingspirit (from voidblack)
    I was trying to be The Knife, and I don’t think I was a million miles away. I mark that as one of my highest achievements to date!
  6. The Keep (from The Castle)
    Probably my greatest success with a guitar in my arms so far (well, until I Think I’m Doing Alright comes out..)
  7. Winter Sun (from You’re Gonna Turn Out Just Fine)
    There’s a lot to love about this, but mostly I’m just happy to have composed some of my most convincing classical-esque music yet, even if I do mix it in with some synths and use it as a loop.
  8. The Warriors Return (from )
    One of my silliest, purest, funnest tracks. The production goes all over the place and it’s a totally bananas track, but SO. MUCH. FUN. I remember grinning and giggling to myself as I was improv-arranging it in my bedroom at 73.
  9. PREDICTION ANXIETY (for Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination)
    This was the first piece of music I ever got paid actual money for creating! I must’ve done a pretty good job ‘cause they also paid me for a second track! Looking back at my horrible synthesizer I’m really amazed they didn’t slap me down with a “too weird, weirdo!”. But I’m also very pleased with my horrible synthesizer, so… I was credited as Ætheria for this - but I still use the name in other places than music.
  10. The Final Transmission from a Dying World (Orchestral Medley) (from Final Transmission: Addendum)
    I couldn’t make a list of the top 10 Telyn Z. tracks without including the 13-minute orchestral medley/mashup of 5 tracks from my magnum opus, Final Transmission. Creating this piece taught me so much about music theory and took nearly a year to make, partly due to technical problems I encountered due to its vast number of audio tracks and loaded samples required. It was completely worth it as I’ve never accomplished any individual piece more ambitious than this!